Flashback!!! Previously Unpublished Toons…..

We-ell, Looky Here! The boys are back….and looking for guidance…of sorts

[These toons date back a bit – when SoS was actually looking for management (can you believe it!) Arrgh! Management Shmanagement! Ed.]


Management 2

You may need to dig back into the archives to learn about Mongo, Roadie Extraordinaire…..but, to save time, back in the early days of Rip Tortoise gigs, Mongo fell off the back of the truck, but apparently survived and then went missing ….

Management 3

[For those that came in really late, Girl of My Dreams is the opener on the SoS CD Sea of Stones…..but surely you knew that already! Ed.]


The Discovery Tour: New Year’s Day 2014…

What’s happenin’? Well not much, except that the boys didn’t have a gig on the 26th of January just past, so they decided to discover Australia – somebody had to do it….Australia Day!!


…I’m just testing to see how posts work…not too sure about it.

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