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Welcome to the continuing adventures of Rip Tortoise, alter egos of blues/rock alt/country band, Sea of Stones. But before you read on….if you want to check out the Sea of Stones EP, buy mp3 tracks from CD Baby or use Paypal to buy a physical copy of the EP, go to the home page  and check out the options ……… The story below reads from the start, here, at the top, all the way to the end…down at the bottom of the page. But first things first: the boys have decided to discover Australia before they can move on. After that, anything could happen……..

Australia Day!!

Rip Tortoise snags an unexpected gig in QLD in Coffee, Cake & the Duck Walk in 5 frames: So, after you’ve discovered Australia, you get a cup of good coffee and a cake…. Coffee & Cake

then you catch up with an old mate…..

...rock cake?

and then you find there’s a gig on offer…

....talkin' 'bout old times

of course, some gigs are tougher than others….

...the gig

but all’s well that ends well.

...the lug

© Mark Searles 2014

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