As everyone knows, size matters…..but with a trio, being small and portable is usually an asset. But there are times, f’rinstance, the Lug, at the end of the night, when an extra hand would be very welcome. Also, there’s the eternal trio challenge of how to sound like a four or five piece band….when there’s only three of you….. that is, take it as given, without resorting to fakery, you know, pre-recorded, sequenced stuff ….man, what a cop-out! But, on the other hand, dividing the meagre cheque by three is better than by four or five…although, if an ideal person could be found…well, that would make life so much easier. But this time, Sea of Stones can sit back, relax a little and watch the adventures of that legendary roadhouse blues/rock band, Rip Tortoise…who are currently searching for the fourth player ….. and, well, let’s be honest here – the boys are always lookin’ for the easy way out!

A lifetime of rock ‘n roll may be good for the soul ….but it does have a few drawbacks….! Anyhoo, the Search, and other adventures, will be documented graphically below… weekly instalments…if I get around to it, that is…. Oh, and one other thing – if this is your first visit to the site and you want to start from the beginning (on this page, anyway), scroll to the bottom and work your way back up ……..Cheers!

Wait! You want more? Well, this could be your lucky day….click here to see the next (work-in-progress) adventures of Rip Tortoise in More Cartoons…!



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the New Strat

Free at last!

One for the Roady!

On the Road, Again!


The Roady original dialogue

 Sea of Stones #1 contrast

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