White Wall!

G’day ….and welcome to the Sea of Stones website! Check out the home page if you want more background….but otherwise, this page is mostly about the making of the White Wall film clip – over on the right. I’ll post a better quality version as soon as….but for now this is it!

Sea of Stones, an alt country/blues rock guitar/bass/drums trio from the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia, reports on shooting their new video for White Wall, last song on the Sea of Stones EP. White Wall is a terrible tale of life on the wrong side of the tracks, replete with whisky, bullets and blood. At one level, it’s a quirky, mostly 12/8 blues, but on another, it’s an opportunity for a fully cranked rhythm section to drive the solo from deep blue, clear into the black. Our man, aka Strat, recounts his life in verse from tough beginnings in a trailer on the prairie, his father’s life of crime, to an explosive life-changing event that he witnessed as a child and then to his escape into the wilderness where ultimately he regathered the strength needed to meet the world…. head on!

Filming took place on 31 August, in downtown Tullywood, Australia’s new Movie Capital. A first draft had been stitched together and we’ve had it here on display for a while….  in the  left sidebar widget on the first page, Sea of Stones or go straight to White Wall Draft – but of course, this was just a first draft version. But wait…..  there’s more! Like all great movie productions, there’s a movie of the movie-making. Special thanks to Emilia for her movie and stills of the adventures of Cecil B and Sea of Stones –The Making of White Wall – the Motion Picture. 

Saturday 31 August was a huge day! Our heartfelt thanks to all who helped out and made it all possible – family, friends and neighbours all pitched in. But special thanks to Gary, Paul and Jay on cameras and sound and in particular, to Gary for editing the footage… And special thanks to the rest of the crew: director’s assistants, grips, gaffers, gofers, photographers, dolly drivers, set builders, stunt doubles, stunt drivers, the pyrotechnician, the armorer, the bladesmith, animal wranglers and of course, the caterer! Here are some stills, shot around the sets & scenes on Saturday, 31 August.

Below, the Road Crew and, last two shots, the camera crew, playing at Guerillas in the Mist (…it was smoke actually) and our Director of Photography

Crew filming some bad dudes on the Tullywood Road....Road CrewLuke shooting the shootersToo many freaks...Smoky Daze on locationGazza intrepid cameraman

Below, the Littlest Cowboy –  waiting for a train – and then, below that, gathering his thoughts ready for the Big Prairie scene – and  in the sunnies, is the Man who made the trains run on time! The Prairie shot also captures our cameramen and sound technician tooling up!


The Littlest Cowboy getting set    Making the Train Run on Time!IMG_1045

Below, Pretty Woman and the Whisky Tableaux, both getting the Tullywood treatment!

Pretty Woman! Whisky & Roses Tullywood actress in full flight! 

Below, this Shed Rocks…….sa-a-a-ay, that guy really is on fire!


Gettin' Ready to Burn  Shooting the ShedFlamin' Strat    SoS workin' in the rough!

The Boys Light Up while the Chevy waits patiently…We had a great day and lots of fun….thanks to the many willing hands that made it all possible. 


And it burns, burns, burns...SoS-BURNING-MAN-background-875x9261.jpg    Hey Man, where's m'Chevy?        Marketing! 



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