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Sea of Stones – alt. country/blues rock trio from the North Coast of NSW, Australia, featuring Mark Searles, guitar/vocals, Chris Condon, percussion and Trevor Day, bass – has just released an EP album entitled Sea of Stones. There are 5 tracks…

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Girl of My Dreams tells of a love-struck dude who, against all good advice, falls madly in love with a mesmerizingly voluptuous Lady of the Evening….. On the one hand, it’s an interesting song rhythmically – a quirky 3+3+2, 1/8 feel riff underlying an otherwise straight 4 rocker, but on the other hand, well, ….fortunately, the story has a happy ending!

Lovin’ Arms tells of the pain and strain of being a Fly In Fly Out worker in Australia’s rugged desert mining communities. The desolate Mars-on-Earth landscape of vast, dusty red desert plains is a place where fortunes are made, and hard, dirty work is done…..  strong guitar lines provide a haunting backdrop to this story.

Gas Station Woman is a post-apocalyptic reflection, but respectfully so, on the mysterious, maybe talismanic, Woman at the Well….. In this account, a weary traveller is mistaken for another, as he uncovers the secret life of a strange town, where the people are waiting ….for someone special.

In the City features a strong guitar theme, headlining an account of dirty deals done by desperate dudes, in a lurid place, where cockroaches in suits tip their hats and rats run for cover. Grimy scraps of yesterday’s news flash and flare in dazzling limo lights, and, as you probably already know, dealin’ with the devil is easier said than done, my friend!

To complete this collection, White Wall, is a terrible tale of life on the wrong side of the tracks, replete with whisky, bullets and blood. At one level, it’s a quirky, mostly 12/8 blues, but on another, it’s an opportunity for a fully cranked rhythm section to drive the solo from blue into the black. 

And then there is an illustrated account of the life and times of SoS – as told through the eyes of their alter egos, blues rock roadhouse band of legend, Rip Tortoise, to be found in Cartoons. and their further adventures can be found in More cartoons!

Sea of Stones hopes you enjoy this first offering.

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