Sea of Stones

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Sea of Stones is an alt country/blues rock, guitar/bass/drums trio from the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia, featuring Mark Searles on guitar/vocals, Chris Condon on drums/percussion and Trevor Day on bass . The band specialises in writing and performing original material, featuring earthy guitar, a solid rhythm section and lyrics that tell a story. The music reflects a strong blues rock influence, yet it’s a little bit country at the same time. Welcome to the Sea of Stones website….. 

If you’d like to buy the Sea of Stones EP – and help keep indie music up-and-running –  check out the CD Baby app below or, use the Paypal button on the left to get the physical CD mailed out to you…..or, go to the next page, EP Info,  for more details….. And then there’s an illustrated account of the life and times of SoS – as told through the eyes of their alter egos, blues rock roadhouse band of legend, Rip Tortoise, to be found in Cartoons and More Cartoons… 

So where, you may well ask, did the name Sea of Stones come from? Good question. Well, for one thing, it’s a very interesting metaphor. As symbols go, the sea remains an old favourite. Then there’s the unreasoning, impenetrable resilience of stones… hmmmm…  Then there’s the timeless desert wilderness of the Australian interior, where, in places, a vast sea of stones stretches to the horizon and beyond…So, for one reason or another, the band chose its name and the name of their current EP album as Sea of Stones.

For Mark, Chris and Trev, making music has been an integral part of their lives from early days. The new EP features five original songs – details of each track can be found on the next page EP Info




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